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neptune bein lazy and not touchin up his roots


I am absolutely in love with Zachary Piona


hi okay so i have too many film cameras and i’m gonna give this one away because i do not need it and i think more people should get back into film :-) this is a minolta xg-m! you can find the manual here! [i will eventually get around to sticking a roll of film in there and posting some pics so you can see its quality, i’ll be posting them here if you’re interested]

here’s what you have to do: 

  • reblog this post (likes won’t count!) 

that’s it! you don’t have to follow, unless ya want to! i’m gonna choose a winner on dec. 1, 2014 and then from there i’ll do that random number generator thing and then message the winner! 

if you have any questions please feel free to message me :o)

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love me lips

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To Be Alone


Hozier - To Be Alone (Live)

Angel Of Small Death & The Codeine Scene


angel of small death & the codeine scene || hozier (+)

freshly dissolved in some frozen devotion
no more alone or myself could i be
looks like a strain to the arms it were open
no shortage of sordid, no protest from me

Extremely true